Thursday, October 30, 2014

Erroneous Programs

Recently I have had a number of customers tell me that someone from Microsoft has called them to tell them that their computer has a number of viruses and problems and if the user will give them control of the computer ‘microsoft’ will clean it up.  First, IT IS A SCAM.  Microsoft doesn’t make calls like this.  If you call them they charge by the minute to help you, but it is a call that you initiate.  Secondly,  don’t trust your computer to someone you don’t know.
These people want to gain access to your computer to plant viruses.  The viruses may lay dormant for a time but they will eventually lock your computer fully.  Then you will receive another call or they may have given you a call back number in case you have problems, and at this time they will instruct you that in order for you to get your computer cleaned up you need to get a prepaid card for up to $300 to give them to fix the issue.
 And while we're at it let's address un-needed programs as well.  Registry cleaners are ineffective.  And while we're talking about it: no, you don't need to regularly clean out all those other areas of your computer either.  while that data might take up space, it's not often a lot, nore does it usually cause any problems by simply existing.  contrary to the online advertising pitches, the bad informaton from your neighbor, and perhaps your own belief prior to this moment, registry cleaning is NOT a computer maintenance task.  I cannot be more clear on this topic.  this software is usually just a way for a company to make a profit off you or simply to get their 'foot in the door' to either infect or upsell.
all in all, contact your local technician to see what needs to be done if you're having problems.

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